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Welcome to KyTac !

Enhance your Performance
KyTac gear is the choice of World/National Champion Dave Sevigny and multi-Naitional Champion, Bob Vogel and other National Champions, as well.  What do they know that you don't?  Buy a KyTac and find out !
The holster you need for competition or everyday.
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It's nice to have options
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Magazine pouches for pistol and rifle and more.
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Practical Holsters.
KyTac is a one man premium holster shop.  Each rig is custom-crafted
one at a time.  I can't produce a high volume of custom holsters as I won't compromise quality.  Many of my clients rely on their KyTac for their safety.  When everyone wants the best kydex holster there is,  delivery issues can arise, as I'd rather apologize for the wait instead of the quality.  Delivery times can run behind expected time frames, frustrating everyone including me. So...
KyTac will be shutting down for  6-8 weeks to clear out the backlog, retool the shop, re-do the website and revamp the line.  Projected to reopen MARCH
ALL existing holster orders will be  completed and shipped before reopening.
Some holsters, gun models or options may not be offered in the future, or may be available at additional cost.  Intricate orders will either be refused or charged accordingly.
Despite escalating material and shipping costs, we have not raised our prices since 1996.  That's right, for 13+ years, we've not had a single price increase.  We've also paid shipping charges since Day One on package deals.   Upon re-opening, prices will finally be raised and shipping will no longer be included in package pricing. 
If you want to beat the price/shipping increase, we will accept only 50 NOW ONLY 7 additional mail orders and honor the current pricing until I update both sites. These orders will also be completed before the shop reopens.  
To maximize production times, we would prefer that you not call the shop with questions.  Instead, please EMAIL them and put "KyTac Order" in the heading.
Please pass on this information to anyone inquiring about KyTac Holsters.